Farm Progress: Donation from Universal Irrigation Systems

Enduring Harvest has received a donation of approximately 10 acres of Standard Drip Irrigation (SDI) Equipment by Universal Irrigation Systems. This extremely generous donation will give Enduring Harvest the ability to start growing trees and herbs now, such as alfalfa, hay and other diverse grain crops. This assortment of produce will support our livestock and compost creation. In turn, this donation will accelerate the production of Enduring Harvest’s regenerative farm.

Universal Irrigation Systems (UIS) was founded in 2000 and has grown to be Jordan’s largest manufacturer and supplier of drip irrigation pipes (DIP). They also supply and manufacture HDPE pipes, LDPE pipes, landscape irrigation systems, sprinkler systems, and all related irrigation systems accessories. UIS strives to achieve independent and sustainable growth by focusing their resources on continuously improving quality of the systems to meet their customers’ needs. In addition to manufacturing and distribution, UIS provides a planning and design service for new irrigation systems, as well as the option to update existing irrigation systems. They have exported equipment and provided exemplarily customer services all around the globe; in regions such as the Middle East, South Asia, Peru, Australia, and Africa.

Our mission at Enduring Harvest is to protect the dignity of the world’s most vulnerable communities by developing sustainable economic and agricultural solutions that provide a source of income, access to healthy food sources and combat climate change. Our farm managers are currently in the process of installing innovative equipment to keep the farm regenerative and sustainable.

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