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Children's Garden
of Northern Afghanistan is a nutritional, educational, agricultural, and social program funded by Global Roots in Baharak district Badakhshan Afghanistan.
Children Garden project (CGP) focuses on providing food for the orphaned children, children’s education, and orphan’s empowerment. This project is also geared to help the food deprived children through agricultural activities, crop production and providing a fix term training for them. The CGP also aims to create a variety of job opportunities for the Afghan people in Baharak, especially for young women and educated, but jobless ladies. They are also trained to be proficient in small scale farming such as vegetables production, aviculture, and beekeeping farming. CGP is helping the children by providing and distributing vegetables and dry foods (rice, oil and flour) for food deprived and orphaned children (project beneficiaries) and improve their health through proper nutritional program. CGP is also sponsoring the children’s needs for school by distribution of school uniform, stationary packages and holding fix term capacity building course for 6 months (June-Nov) and teaching English language, agricultural issues, and math subjects to the children since from 2019 till 2022 the public schools were closed in Badakhshan due to covid-19, war, and Taliban’s order for school closure. At the end of program, the children’s families are prepared to send their children back to school.

This project is one of those efforts aimed to protect the children through organic food supply program, support and empowering the children (orphaned and poor children) in Baharak Badakhshan by starting the Children’ Garden project which is a project of Food security program in GRLO.

Project Objectives:
  • Reducing of poverty
  • Reducing of the hunger
  • Resending the out of school children to school
  • Creating job opportunities for jobless people (women and men).
  • Reducing domestic violence.
  • Reduction of forced and early marriage.
  • Preventing the physical work of orphaned and destitute girls and boys, especially the peddler
Gardening and Agriculture:
  • Land break up, land plowing and land preparation have been done for cultivation.
  • Procurement of gardening tools.
  • Procurement of vegetables seeds, chemical fertilizers for Children Garden.
  • The nurseries of onion, tomato planted under mulch system.
  • The nurseries of onion, tomato planted under mulch system.
  • Cucumber, Melon planted under mulch system and Zucchini, potato, beans, tomato and onion planted in Children Garden.
  • The children and students are visiting their children garden every Saturday, also they are harvesting and plucking the garden products every week. The distance between the Children Garden and their capacity building school is 5.75 km and we are using a bus for the students to move to and from the GRLO’s office (capacity building school) and children garden once a week.
  • Planting of watermelon and planting of second part of cucumber and zucchini will be done at the beginning of July-2022.
  • Small scale farm project officer and its team who are professional agriculturist are training the children on how to plant and grow different types of vegetables by giving them chance of practical work in the garden and CGP vegetable farm.
  • The children will be equipped with knowledge of kitchen gardening and how to plant and grow vegetables so as they grow, they will be one of the vegetables producers in the future.

June 2022 Update

Approximately 1525 kg cucumber, zucchini and radish harvested and distributed to 70 children at the month of June 2022. The value of 1525 kg products are $1311.24 USD

“Sajad, So proud to send you this report! Not only is our Children's Garden massively productive, but our students are also making the most of their classroom time! If you told me a year ago that I would not only convince the Taliban to let us reopen our vocational school, but also relaunch our community garden, I would call you crazy!!”
- Richard Montgomery, Executive Director at Global Roots