Women’s Empowerment Program: Funded by Enduring Harvest
Location: Jordan Desert Project that solely focuses on the empowerment of women living in rural Jordan through sustainable agriculture practices. This project was designed to address the needs of these local women by teaching them skills to create a recurring source of income and produce their own nutritious foods.
Intended Project Outcomes
  • Raise the standard of living for women and their families through sustainable methods
  • Teach skills necessary to generate a recurring source of income
  • Create independent food security by learning how to grow nutritious produce sustainably
  • Create a long-term positive impact for local Jordanian women and the environment by spreading the concept of regenerative agriculture
Project Segments

1) Education and Women’s Empowerment

Knowledge is power; education opens doors and creates opportunities. This project’s intention is to provide the local Jordanian women with the skills and opportunities to generate a recurring income source through regenerative agriculture. Education and Empowerment is the most direct way of ensuring this project is successful.

2) The Urban Chicken Tractor (UTC)

An Urban Chicken Tractor (UTC) is a mobile chicken coop ensuring that chickens are able to move throughout the entire plot of land while simultaneously providing them with protection and a warm place to produce eggs. It is designed similarly to a large wheelbarrow, which gives the women involved in the project the ability to move the coop keeping the plot of land adequately fertilized. This system combines poultry and egg production with compost and waste management seamlessly, mimicking natural fertilizing patterns. Additionally, it works extremely efficiently with a minimal amount of labor.

3) Home Scale Garden & Kitchen

The garden, scaled to replicate a small plot of land found in rural villages, is the final segment that gives the women the ability to generate income and nutritious produce. Education and compost from the UTC will provide all that is needed to grow healthy and nutritious crops for consumption and a surplus to sell within the local markets.