How the Iraq Pilot Farm is Advancing Global Sustainability

Located in the Al-Muthanna Province of Iraq, our Iraq Pilot Farm is striving to play a part in advancing global sustainability. Founded in 2021, the Iraq Pilot Farm began as an extremely degraded plot of land. Since then, our dedicated farm team has completely changed the trajectory of the 20-acre plot of land and is in the process of transforming it into a thriving regenerative farm. 

Our goal is to diligently use regenerative and sustainable agricultural methods to prevent the farm from depleting natural resources in the region. We take all aspects of sustainable agriculture into account. From using the most efficient method of irrigation, Responsive Drip Irrigation, to limit waste water and evaporation to utilizing Red Wriggler Worms for vermi-compost to ensure all food waste and other compostable materials are recycled back into the farm. While it is a challenge to constantly innovate and find sustainable solutions, it is absolutely necessary.

In the last two years our farm team has planted a variety of fruits, vegetables, trees and low-lying shrubs to serve as a base for our ecosystem and to diversify healthy food options. We have already brought in small animals such as rabbits, quail and geese, and plan to add grazing livestock to help fertilize the land and return it to its natural state. While we continue to add flora and fauna to our regenerative farm, we have realized revitalizing the land is only a part of our mission. 

In order to advance global sustainability and make a lasting impact, we plan to educate local and international communities on the importance of regenerative agriculture. We aim to spread the message of how it benefits everything from personal health to mitigating climate change. An education center located on the farm will supply this critical information to the local community and we are constantly growing our digital presence to share our mission internationally. Additionally, we have partnered with large corporations such as Agrology, Earthwise Global, Responsive Drip Irrigation and more to help spread awareness. 

It is becoming increasingly more vital for farms around the world to practice sustainable agricultural methods. We are proud of the work our Iraq Pilot Farm does to regenerate degraded land and educate the public on the benefits of this method of farming. We plan to continue to advance global sustainability and spread the mission of Enduring Harvest.

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