Who We Are

We’ve teamed up to reverse the effects of desertification and land degradation, and we’re starting with our world’s most vulnerable communities. We’d love to connect with you and talk about our unique approach to tackling these problems.

Board Members

Sajad Zalzala

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Ahmad Chaar

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Abbas Bandali

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Staff Members

Mohamed Ali Banoon

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Christopher Marinaccio

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Advisors and Consultants

Tricia Spencer

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Rhamis Kent

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Hesham Haggag

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We maximize your impact

Every dollar donated is used to support sustainable solutions for the communities we serve.

We believe in a dignity-first approach

Our work, at its core, is about respecting humanity. Every person deserves to live with dignity, and this belief is the lens through which we view our work.

Want to support our work?

If you believe in a dignity-first approach to serving our world’s most marginalized communities, consider supporting our work.