Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farm to Table Experience
We are partnering with LIV-LIFE Inc. to create a regenerative farm-to-table experience for the community members of LIV-LIFE’s remote workers paradise. Located on the Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, this eco-village sits in a lush, fertile rainforest between the coastline and the mountains.
LIV-LIFE’s team has purchased this land with the vision of building an affordable, sustainable global community for nomads, creatives, and remote workers. To learn more about their vision, visit their website
Our vision is to create a regenerative food forest to ensure all produce consumed is sustainable and top-quality, the natural ecosystem remains intact and assist the local community members.
Alongside our regenerative farm, we plan to create a variety of in-depth educational programs for guests and locals about regenerative agriculture in this region of the world. Volunteer programs will also be established to widen the reach of individuals able to visit the community. 

We are actively raising funds to turn this vision into a reality.