Enduring Harvest Inspiration

Altruism is a basic human instinct.  People want to give to the less fortunate but are not always certain about traditional charity programs.  Enduring Harvest seeks to solve problems related to poverty, food insecurity, chronic illness, and climate change by utilizing innovative farming practices.  Throughout this article, we will highlight our inspiration, mission, values, and the Enduring Harvest dignity approach.

Enduring Harvest was inspired mainly by the works of two people: Allan Savory and Ali ibn Abi Talib.  Savory emphasizes “holistic management” as the key to reversing climate change,  utilizing conscious decision-making and evidence-based farming techniques to restore the land. Abi Talib lived in 7th century Arabia and was known for digging wells and turning deserts into orchards, and endowing those orchards to support the poor.  Enduring Harvest’s founders were inspired by Savory’s work on improving farmland ecosystems using constructive farming techniques, and Abi Talib’s approach to supporting the poor.  Dr. Sajad Zalzala, one of our founding team members, has been practicing medicine for over 10 years.  He believes in treating health issues at the root cause.  Throughout his professional career, he found poverty and poor nutrition to be the root cause of poor health worldwide.  

Enduring Harvest aims to reduce the impact of desertification and poverty on the environment by cultivating degraded lands.  Several innovative farming techniques are encouraged within our organization, including aquaponics, permaculture, and holistic grazing.  Our organization also works with disadvantaged individuals and families in nearby communities.  Ultimately seeking a world that empowers every community to support itself with dignity.

Dignity is defined as showing and being worthy of respect.   Through Enduring Harvest, underprivileged individuals will be equipped with the resources they need to be able to put their degrees and other skills to work.  The focus of our work will begin in the Middle East and East Africa.  Chronic disease, food insecurity, and poverty are longstanding issues in these regions.  Adding to the difficulties is desertification.  However, these areas aren’t new to using innovative practices.  One of the earliest known civilizations originated in the Middle East, where people developed agriculture and domesticated animals.  The region has a rich history.  Historically, any individual who brings desertified land back to life will own it legally.

Currently, our farm managers are working with farms nearby where we plan to begin our work.  Many parts of the world have long been plagued by poverty and poor health.   Current methods for combating these issues haven’t managed to produce a lasting solution.  Join us on our quest to eliminate poverty, food insecurity, and illness by subscribing to our email list and/or  making a donation.

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