What We Do

Enduring Harvest envisions a world where all communities are empowered to support themselves with dignity. Today, we are taking steps toward that vision by serving our world’s most vulnerable communities through agricultural solutions that create a lasting positive impact on their health and livelihood.

We believe in a culture of trust and transparency, and we want our donors to feel great knowing that our solutions are creating the maximum impact. Through our impact, we want to promote a sense of humanity and connectedness that our world needs now more than ever.

The Enduring Harvest Way

A dignity-first approach

Enduring Harvest was founded to combat the effects of desertification and land degradation, starting with the world’s most vulnerable communities. We implement sustainable, regenerative solutions and take a dignity-first approach to our work. To learn more about desertification, we recommend watching this TED talk.

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Our Values

Empower with dignity

Every human deserves to live with dignity, and we keep this front and center in all that we do.

Maximize impact

We only employ solutions that are sustainable and built to last. We believe in maximizing the impact of every dollar donated.

Respect humanity

We show our respect for humanity by uplifting our world’s most vulnerable communities.

Want to support our work?

If you believe in a dignity-first approach to serving our world’s most marginalized communities, consider supporting our work.