Wildlife Conservation

Conserving Wildlife
Enduring Harvest has partnered with the Cikananga Wildlife Center (YCKT) to design and establish a working regenerative farm. Located in the small West Javan village of Cikananga, Indonesia, YCKT is a is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat in Indonesia.
Project Objectives:
  • Use and promote regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Transition to a no-till cover crop set-up.
  • Provide YCKT with 15 kilograms of food every day.
  • Provide local farmers with a training program that allows them to transition away from conventional agricultural practices, principally to stop the use of industrial agrochemicals.
  • Establish a local regenerative farmer cooperative with the intention of selling in bulk to local and regional markets.
  • Provide a space for local and international researchers to conduct field trials.

The Cikananga Wildlife Center’s mission is to provide support to the Indonesian Government by applying the highest standards of welfare and care in the management of confiscated live animals to optimize the conservation impact through the innovative development and implementation of recovery programs for threatened Indonesian species and to be of benefit to local communities.

Established in 2001, YCKT is a multiple species rescue center. Over the years, a variety of specie specific facilities have been designed and built to provide the highest level of wildlife care and rehabilitation. These facilities include specific necessities for local wildlife such as injured and infant primates, Javan Leopards, Hornbills, reptiles, and other small mammals.

The Sustainability Program at YCKT will donate 50% of profits from the regenerative farm to local and regional charities focused on orphan and widow empowerment. Two charities have been identified in the local area of Cisitu that support orphans.

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