Glenn Boyd

Glenn has practical knowledge and experience as a farmer working in a wide range of environmental conditions from Ireland, France and Australia to the extreme deserts of Saudi Arabia and MENA.

Glenn’s experience as a Holistic Management®️ consultant includes communal settings in Africa, small diversified farms in Ireland, commercial farms focused on developing permaculture approaches on pivots in Saudi Arabia. He has consulted with Enduring Harvest on the development of pilot farm projects.

Glenn is a firm believer in regenerative agriculture and biological farming. “Observing ecosystem degradation throughout my working life I have seen the importance of looking after the land. Using livestock brings life back to the soil. Integrating livestock, soil biology can be regenerated, wildlife supported, biodiversity increased and an ecosystem revitalised. I understand the significance of a diverse biology to generate a healthy soil and the intrinsic link to producing wholesome nutritious food and robust ecosystems that support the wider biological community.”

As a HMI Certified Educator Glenn continues to further his education on regenerative agriculture to impart this knowledge and experience to others. He is currently studying for a MSc Organic Farming. He is also a member of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) UK and Ireland, an organisation of beef, lamb and dairy farmers who raise their livestock on pasture and grass.

Given his experience of working in such a diverse range of environments with their many challenges and rewards and passion for regenerative farming, Glenn relishes the opportunity to help, teach and show people that there is always another way.


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