Our Projects

75% percent fundedGoal: $25,000

The Children’s Garden Project (CGP) focuses on providing food for orphaned children, children’s education, and orphan empowerment. This project is geared toward helping malnourished children through agricultural education, crop production, and structured schooling.

21% percent fundedGoal: $50,000

The Iraq Pilot Farm is located in the southern Province of Samawah, Iraq which was chosen due to its remote, peaceful location and the positive impact the farm would have on the environment and the people. The land has been seriously degraded in the area causing extreme poverty. We plan to improve the natural conditions of this region for the local communities, starting with our 20-acre regenerative farm. This farm will act as blueprint for what we are hoping to replicate in other at-risk nations.

6% percent fundedGoal: $250,000

We are partnering with LIV-LIFE Inc. to create a regenerative farm-to-table experience for the community members of LIV-LIFE’s remote workers paradise. Located on the Island of Sumbawa, Indonesia, this eco-village sits in a lush, fertile rainforest between the coastline and the mountains.

Become the first supporterGoal: $25,000

Enduring Harvest has partnered with the Cikananga Wildlife Center (YCKT) to design and establish a working regenerative farm. Located in the small West Javan village of Cikananga, Indonesia, YCKT is a is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and habitat in Indonesia.

Become the first supporterGoal: $10,000

Desert Project that solely focuses on the empowerment of women living in rural Jordan through sustainable agriculture practices. This project was designed to address the needs of these local women by teaching them skills to create a recurring source of income and produce their own nutritious foods.